Tuesday, June 24

burning down the house!!

So, last night, right before bed, I tried to burn down the house. My knight in shining armor was there, tho and he saved the day... Apparently, you're not supposed to walk away from toasting crostini, because the Asiago cheese (or SOMETHING) was already on fire when i smelled something burning. AND: if your toaster oven is spitting out flames, DO NOT try to open it. because i did. and it only got worse. Thank goodness i didn't throw my glass of water into the gaping fire-hole, because it was still plugged in!! and i was watching the flames get higher and higher and closer and closer to the wooden bowls on the upper shelf.... the next part is a little fuzzy, cause i panicked. yes, i panicked and started throwing metal pans into the sink and saying, "corby, Corby, CORBY!! HELP!!"
He remembered where the fire extinguisher was (below the sink, right next to me!) and then he closed the door of the toaster oven (to kill the oxygen)...... by this time i had unplugged the toaster (me smart!!) and he wanted towels, so he got towels....
I swear, the toaster was still flaming when he started down the stairs to the back yard with it....
And the knight corby hauled the foul beast to the backyard netherlands, where put out its fire once and for all. It's sitting in the red wagon in the back yard now, and i'll bet that stinking piece of crostini is still in it.
SO LET THAT BE A WARNING: keep your head in a fire, and hope that knight shows up soon.

Monday, June 23

so new to this

I'm so new to all this, but i'll be bloggerating about my broken needles, snapped threads, killer finds, and pierced thumbs, my flowers, my Corby, my home, my work station, my art, my new shoes, hats, headpieces, leather, buckram, silk, yarn, interfacing, dye colors, felting projects, and of course, ME!