Friday, March 6

Visor for Hollis

Hello friends of Hollis near and far!
Here you see the visor for the Bring Hollis Home Raffle....
Read more about her fantastic persona at
I had the honor of seeing her perform at Pandora's Trunk. She is truly an angelic presence, and I am looking forward to seeing her skipping around again as soon as possible.

About this Visor: It's a double-sided visor Side A is a red rattan print on a white cotton background with red polyester lace detailing and lucky dice stitched on both temples in red thread. Side B is a plaid fabric with lucky horse shoes stitched on both temples, also in red thread. The straps are red leather. It measures 10 by 6 inches and has 28 inch straps. Care Instructions? Hand wash or machine wash in a laundry bag on GENTLE. Lay Flat to dry. Roll it up and you're ready to go... do not fold, it messes up the shape.